As we are moving further on in our lives, proceeding towards materialistic achievements, we are forgetting the little details around us that make our lives beautiful and turn our every day into a vision of loveliness. At Credo, we add beauty to nook and corners with our incredible planters made out of fiberglass and introduce the warmth of nature into our lives. Our planters are manufactured with gorgeous details, clever designs, and extra-ordinary variants, thus making them a perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality when it comes to breathing life into your space. 

We are all about the everyday freshness, mindful energies and positive vibes that a planter brings in. We craft these containers of life (read; planters) with utmost dexterity and attention to detail, along with being lovely, stylish aesthetically beautiful and simply fresh.

All of us love planters that contain plants, which enhance your home garden or office balcony’s aesthetic. You can choose designer plant containers according to your style and space, such as those with contemporary or classic designs. If you are wondering where to keep our planters, well, the choice is ultimately yours. You can place them in the living room, kitchen, staircase, balcony and bedroom with a detachable chain or on a table. Our products weigh one kilogram, which makes them easy to be transported. They can be wiped using a damp cloth and make them look new, bright and ready for display.

At Credo, we have a wide range of contemporary planters indoor that complement any setting, made of sturdy material, are fade-resistant and rust-resistant. Made from fiber-reinforced plastic or fiberglass, the products are coated with a UV-resistant PU finish. They are resilient, durable, water-resistant and impact resistant. They require little to no maintenance and are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your décor. Our modern planters indoor are available in colours – yellow, white, red, orange, grey, brown, blue and black, which makes them suitable for greens of any colour and style. They are available in gloss, marble, matte and rough finishes.

Most importantly, each product comes with a beautiful caption that outlines its inspiration, such as the flow of life, memory, clean lines, geometry, stillness, the blend between the glorious yesteryears and practical modernity – to name a few. If you are looking for contemporary garden planters to decorate your space, simply refine your shopping experience using the suitable filters that match your design and style needs at Credo.