The essence of a good design is the sum of varied characteristics which makes it a loved one. At Credo, we are determined to craft tales that are a true representative of poise, structural elegance and minimal beauty that connects to heart over mind. Each masterpiece is a song of labour of love and artistic design intelligence. Functionality, aesthetics, superior material quality, emotion and ergonomics are few of the attributes that makes Credo planters a sustainable tale from the land of man-made happiness. It is a classic example of man vs nature, where the two are co-existing together, harmoniously. Through innovation and customization, each planter is on a quest to turn man’s thirst for a concrete ecosystem into the one which is fondly curated with love and natural happiness.  

As we are moving further on in our lives, proceeding towards materialistic achievements, we are forgetting the little details around us that make our lives beautiful and turn our every day into a vision of loveliness. At Credo, we add beauty to nook and corners with our incredible planters made out of fiberglass and introduce the warmth of nature into our lives. Our planters are manufactured with gorgeous details, clever designs, and extra-ordinary variants, thus making them a perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality when it comes to breathing life into your space. 

We are all about the everyday freshness, mindful energies and positive vibes that a planter brings in. We craft these containers of life (read; planters) with utmost dexterity and attention to detail, along with being lovely, stylish and simply fresh.



Credo Planters breathe life into spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Man’s quest to achieve materialism, has led him to create huge concrete jungles, which are constantly driving us away from sanity and mindfulness. 

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