What Is Credo?

Credo is a premium manufacturer of high end planters that augment the interiors of any place wishing to add beautiful greenery in its midst. A company of 35 years, Credo has been using exceptional raw material, design and craftsmanship to make the best quality planters available to all its customers and dealers.

Why Credo?

Credo is a trusted name with a solid presence of 6 years, with its parent company, Kinny Fiberglass, a 35-year old company. Credo is synonymous with high quality and credibility, with a strong customer support system. Credo maintains exclusivity in choosing sales partners, who are treated with a lot of importance and attention. We have worked lots of trusted and known brands such as Taj Group, Alila Group of Hotels, DLF etc.

Is there any warranty with the product?

CREDO name stands for superior product quality and outstanding customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is absolute. Thus, CREDO provides a 3 years complete replacement warranty for your utmost satisfaction.

Conditions of warranty:

*Colour related defects are not coved under this warranty.

What is the material?

All Credo material is produced using High Quality Fiberglass that is moulded into FRP. Our parent company, Kinny Fiberglass has been the leader in Fiberglass manufacturing which makes Credo products exceptionally high quality.

What are the colours and textures available?

The colours available for products have been specially chosen to make sense with the products' intent and the research that went behind creating it. Each product is available in the various colours and textures.

How are the products packaged to keep them safe?

Credo is very serious about the safety of its planters. We use an industry-grade packing mechanism for each Credo planter, before shipping them. This means that all planters will arrive, fully intact and damage-free. We follow four steps in ensuring a highly risk- proof packing for each planter.

What is water system and how does it work?

Our planters are designed with a unique inbuilt water system aiming to provide proper plantation and clean surroundings. The remarkable system has an outlet knob to drain the waste water inside the planter as per the user's convenience.

What is the Refund Policy?

The amount is only refunded if the product is not available.

In case of any manufacturing or transit defect the product is replaced within 10-12 working days.