The New-age planting

Nature is one masterpiece in itself. God’s own masterpiece. Credo works to bring back nature into our lives.

Our modern fibre planters are perfect for limited spaces such as porches and balconies, as they are lightweight and durable. Non-breakable and easy to handle, FRP designer planters come with a wide price range from high-end to affordable options.

Problems faced in Normal Planters

Adequate amount of water is never given to the plants due to which the plant suffers and sometimes even dies if not watered regularly.

The floor where the planters are kept gets super messy and dirty after watering.

There is a huge loss of water as the water leaks through the pot and the is also not able to retain the water.

You cannot go anywhere without thinking about your plants as they require watering on a daily basis, especially in summers.

Because of all these factors, a plant cannot grow in a optimum manner in a normal     planter.

Go without watering your plant for almost 2 months!

Keeping all the problems in mind, we came up with an idea of creating a product which would solve all our customer's problems and make their lives easier than ever.

We at Credo try and provide our customers with top notch services, for which we have created our very own in-house technology, DuDrop Self Watering System. This is a one-of-a kind technology and has been introduced for the very first time in India by Credo.

DuDrop method supplies plants with exactly the right amount of water it needs and can function without intervention for almost 2-6 weeks.

It also comes with a water indicator which ensures that you always know when your plant needs water.

All you need to do is water your plant for the first few weeks and the rest you can leave up to your planter to take care of.

If you think because we have a technology based product, we would lack in beauty and aesthetics, you’re wrong. We have taken care of all these things and curated the best in best product for you.

Our planters are lightweight, Non-breakable and easy to handle. We offer handcrafted flowing designs, a wide size range, bigger drainage holes as well as natural colours to display plants which gives it a minimal look.

Through Credo, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

No need to worry about your muddy floors, water wastage and unhealthy plants. Credo has got you covered in all these aspects.

How to Set-up your Self-Watering Planter in 3 simple steps?