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Ter Dex

CSW 13.3-MF-WH

Color — White
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Awareness of beauty and understanding of technicalities results inevitably in the creation of a unique object. The oblong shape and eye-catching groove imply attainment of an ethereal existence-a whiff of fresh air for the world-weary

*All Dimensions are in inches

DuDrop Self Watering System

Each Ter Dex, powered by DuDrop self-watering system, houses an intergrated water reservoir that supplies the plant with exactly the right amount of water it needs and can function without intervention for 2-6 weeks. It comes with a water level indicator, which ensures that you always know when your planter needs its water levels replenished.

You can now sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Type: Self-watering Floor Planter


  • The material used is Fibre Reinforced Plastics, also called Fibreglass.
  • The planters are coated with a PU finish and are UV resistant.

Color & Finishes

  • Credo Planters come in different finishes namely Matte Finish


  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Durable & Resilient
  • Water Resistant
  • Easily Transportable
  • Impact Resistant

Easy Return & Refund 

- 3 Years Warranty

- Warranty against breakage and crack