Credo Planters breathe life into spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Man’s quest to achieve materialism, has led him to create huge concrete jungles, which are constantly driving us away from sanity and mindfulness. 

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Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
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Material & Features

Features that stand out

  • The one with gorgeous looks:

    • Credo planters have one purpose: to make your surrounding extremely  good-looking and with our aesthetically beautiful designs, give a shape to your vision. We are all about achieving the right balance with visual harmony, that will soothe the eyes and ignite the heart alike.  

  • Not a bulky tale

    • Credo planters are wonderfully light weight and easy to move around.Made of material that is known for its feather-touch, our planters will not be a woeful burden.

  • The magic of variations

    • We manufacture are planters in a variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes that can go with any space and dramatically fit in your design theme. We don’t believe in one-size fits all, rather we explore the endless possibilities to do a creative experiment. 

  • Design and Craftsmanship

    • Each of the Credo planter has a story to tell. Designed with unique concepts and a heritage of craftsmanship which is decades long, our team works on the right balance of aesthetics, precision and quality,devising distinct design to blend creativity with functionality.

  • All season blockbuster

    • Our planters work just fine in any type of weather conditions. They have least effect of sunlight, are water-resistant, frost-free and rust-free too.They are durable and blessed with a long life.

  • Living Spaces

    •  If you dramatically want to upgrade the look of any space, simply add a  Credo planter to it. Our planters are both indoors and outdoors.Whether it your home, your terrace garden, your office or commercial places like hotel & resorts, Credo planters will turn any space into a well-designed one, introducing a green landscape into our lives.