This Festival, Decorate your Home & Office with Credo Planters

Festivities have begun in India. Like every year, you must be thinking of decorating your home. So, what’s in your mind; chandeliers, a gaudy paint or changing the furniture? Why do these festivals still have to be conventional with the same rules about decoration?! Are there other ways than traditional ones to decorate homes and offices in more sustainable, healthy and hassle-free way! Hey, why not to think different this year? Here is one such idea that has started to gain wide acceptance. These days, people find it creative and beautiful to use plants as a way of decor in homes during festivals.

Having plants in the home or office is the singular solution for various decoration predicaments. Plants have various values- medicinal, freshness or ornamentation. But hold on there is something more exciting! With advancement in the art of making planters, people are experimenting with innovative ideas of decorating the planters also!

For instance, it is just incredible to have a fresh Tulsi plant in a grandiose planter, surrounded by the intricate designs of rangoli as Diwali decoration! Or a magnificent planter holding the Christmas tree laden with gifts and baubles! There are numerous other options than the traditional ones that people now prefer to decorate their place of living or working. Or, to keep it simple; choices of the show pieces, decor items and other similar things that people prefer for decoration can be incorporated into the kind of planters that they use to decorate their homes.

Talking about planters; Other than augmenting the décor of the house, planters are also extremely calming, welcoming and soothing. Credo offers a variety of planters that suit different needs of the customers for different plants and the intended purpose. Through the stunning collection in planters that comprises stylish and elegant designs, color combinations and sizes, Credo helps in redefining the meaning of decoration. They are the trinkets in your home.

Generally, it is believed that during festivities, the decoration should be loud, shiny and apparent. That however, may not be everyone’s choice. We believe it should not be gimcrackery. It ought to be gentle and suave, and it should reflect you.

Another way of decorating or lighting up your houses for festivals could be to use the aesthetically pleasing planters of abstract shapes and vibrant colors that brighten up the atmosphere. One may also add some fairy lights in the background of these planters for added elegance Again, Credo’s hand painted planters, or the ones with the marble finish are quite the show-stealer.

The best part about what Credo offers is the variety. It can be as simple yet as striking as one may want. From plain and neutral colors to the most eye-catching and distinguishing colors and design, it is the perfect buy for whatever the reason and purpose may be. In a very less investment, one gets quality multipurpose products.

While opting for the planters as decoration during festivals, use them with some lamps, diyas, rangoli designs, fairy lights or other similar objects and once the festival is over, you can continue to use them in your homes and offices for the positivity, beauty and tranquility they offer.

Moreover, all Indian festivals are theme based. It will be fantastic to use Credo planters matching the festival’s theme! Wouldn’t it be a great idea that if this Diwali you get diya shaped planters of various sizes and colors?!

The saving of money is just one economic benefit as the constant spending of each year on “festival decorations” comes to a stop. To go shopping every year is also so exhausting and this smart buy with Credo puts an end to all of this with a master solution. Using plants as a way of decoration is the in-thing. It is minimal, multifold and incredibly stunning - all that Credo stands for. Let the sophistication and uniqueness of Credo charm you and your guests this season!

Lastly, festival denote colors, light and life, and so does the plants. Festivities add freshness in the home and around. Plants do the same. It is said that honesty and simplicity never go out of fashion. Plants are honest and simple. Hence, they will always remain in fashion!

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