This Diwali Decorate Your Home & Office with Credo Planters

It’s that time of the year again! Lord Ram’s arrival is just around the corner. Welcome the symbol of good and hope by adorning your homes and offices with bright lights and beautiful ornaments. We at CREDO are dedicated to help you make your place look as aesthetic and stunning as the festival of lights.

The ongoing global situation has slowed down the world. These are tough times, with hundreds of millions of people confined at their homes, it is safe to say that the lock down has not been easy on any of us but we will not let it put a damper on your festive mood. Researches have shown that active interaction with plants lower both psychological and physiological stress levels.

Bring home the goodness of nature. Bring home the adroit and artistic vases by CREDO crafted to suit your homes and offices and bring your place to life. Minimalist or ornate, vibrant hued or monochrome, simple or modern artistic whatever your taste in home decor is, CREDO has you covered. Select from a large array of pots and take the one that represents the very unique and awesome You.

With the ever-rising temperature due to global warming, this Diwali let’s contribute to saving our planet by bringing in some green. All it takes is a pot and a plant. With these two things, you can create your personal small piece of nature that suits you. Let CREDO help you in making your surroundings feel fresh and calming.

Liven up your work desk with orchids, maybe the balcony with a few saplings of jasmine? How about some peace lilies by that bland corner near the wall? With the eloquent and suave designs of CREDO you can put any plant anywhere you like and bring that spot to being.

We are facing unprecedented crisis in the form of COVID 19. Let’s pledge not to fire crackers this Diwali. Let’s not choke the environment with noise and gases and residues of crackers. Rather, let’s gift some jasmines and lilies to our neighbors and friends and relatives. So that when we wake up next morning; the world around us looks cleaner, the rooms greener and the air good to breathe. Well that’s happiness is and that’s the care for the environment

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