Plants and planters give positivity: essential during these times!!

What clothing is to humans, planters are for indoor plants! Plants are life, and planters amplify their beauty. From merely being an earthen pot, today planters are available in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Gone is the time when people bought planters from nursery along with the plants, and created a tiny balcony garden at home or grew vegetables at home.

It’s 2020, is no different than preceding years. There is now advancement in almost every sphere of life. Though this year has been a very tiring and challenging year for everyone around the world and people are looking for ways to deal with ‘the new normal’. One needs to lift the spirits. The Credo swoops in to help.

In recent times, the aesthetic sense of the domestic space designing or homes has drastically changed. Everyone wants to opt for something minimal, yet something that stands out and reflects the taste and choice of the stakeholders.

Credo is synonymous for the exemplary designs and innovations in

planters in India. Plants create a calm and soothing effect in the homes, and people put plants for various reasons even other than this. For instance, ‘Vastu Shastra’ in India is practiced a lot. Often, the architects suggest the use of specific plants according to the places in homes to maintain positivity. Keeping plants randomly in ordinary terracotta planters or pots is a passe.

Imagine a mundane terracotta pot with a Tulsi plant. Yes, it’s very bland. Now replace it with a lavender plant, in the same color planter! Get the difference? People prefer to use this opportunity of putting plants as per the theme in the home. Hence, they desire for state-of-the-art and modern planters that go with the layout of the house and complement its style.

Credo offers a variety and range of different shapes, sizes, color, materials and styles. This versatility provides the best possible combination for those who wish to keep plants at home.

Most think that planters cost the fortune. On the contrary, it is an economically beneficial method of home decoration. They come with minimum maintenance cost.

Green is a color known for tranquility and creating a soothing effect on the on-looker. Nature lovers or not, nobody can escape the serene beauty of plants and nature, and at one point or another would want it.

The use of plants and hence planters are manifold. Not everyone wants to make a garden in the balcony. People need to have shade-loving plants inside the homes for the aesthetic sense and the peaceful feel of it. Thus, the want for the same has increased immensely.

The last few months have been the most distressing times. Plants rejuvenate, aesthetic planters invigorate life. Every different use or purpose of having a plant comes with a unique planter needed for the same.

As the saying goes ‘Small is beautiful, planters should be according to the size of the room. Avoid over imposing or a too-small size. For refreshing, calm, and a stress-free work environment, use small size planters. Similarly, use a bigger size when you want to make a statement.

Luxury and High-end Hotels lobby are decorated with king-size plants. Hence, it requires grandiose and colossal planters of a simple finish with neutral colors perhaps.

Credo’s expertise in the material, strength, durability and the design of the planters, it guarantees no mess and low maintenance. With an avant-garde approach, Credo offers simplicity, class, technology and beauty. It uses fiberglass that makes planters sturdy and durable to hold the plant together.

Credo planters decorate every space in your home. Be it the entrance, kitchen, living room, terrace balcony or next to your study table; Credo has you covered. Be it money-plant, or lavender or chamomile that you want, your perfect planter for it is just one click away! Check out Credo now!

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