Credo Planters breathe life into spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Man’s quest to achieve materialism, has led him to create huge concrete jungles, which are constantly driving us away from sanity and mindfulness. 

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Landscaping & Credo

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said in the 19th Century that "Nature always wears the colour of the spirit." The lush greens, tranquil blues and soothing whites calm the most disconcerted of the souls. But in today's life, our spirit has faded to the shades of grey. Where Lives though run marathons, Life has come to a standstill. And the towering cement structures have furthermore taken us away from our slice of green heaven.

Gauging the need of the hour, the Landscape Architects or Artists have been doing a commendable work at merging the man-made structures with those of the natural and the artificially curated landscape. Landscaping is not mere beautification of space but about crafting an ambience conducive to human nature and its well-being. Landscape architects, therein, apply artistic and technical principles aligned with scientific values to plan, design, develop and rehabilitate Humans in Nature. As often as not, landscaping is referred to as crafting or making changes to an outdoor space. But, indoor landscaping, allows the same application.

In the wake of hectic lifestyle hazards, homeowners are coming around to the possibilities of crafting a serenely designed space, with thoughtful use of elements that provide a sense of comfort and an aesthetic- 'pleasing to the eye and calming to the soul'. This is achieved by establishing a rhythm by bringing in nature inside homes. By crafting a unique patio, an enclosed courtyard garden, bringing in physical elements such as plants, lights and hardscaping features, can all be instrumental in curbing chaos and bringing some semblance to a frenzied life.