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How to decide the right colour for your next planter?

Updated: Feb 17

For the longest of time, we have always known this: colours play with our psychology.

Man is on a verge of creating a concrete jungle around himself, like never before! And, we already have thousands of them. In a quest to fill our life with materialistic pleasures, with a list that never ends, what is missing in our lives is the warmth of nature.

Nature that calms us, heals us and rejoices our spirits. When we consider bringing nature into our lives, container gardening is one perfect option, bringing in a sense of visual harmony. Today, planters are readily available in different materials, shapes, sizes and of course, COLOURS!

Colour; the most important element of design is the deciding factor for the mood and energy of the space. When plants come into the picture, they bring in positive vibe and mindfulness that we all are seeking on a daily basis. But, when you go to shop for the best of planters to make your space filled with nature’s warmth, the inevitable question is:

Is the colour of the planter important?

To help you get on with ease to such mind-boggling questions, here’s a list of carefully curated points to keep in mind while buying your next decorative planter:

Interior theme and design mood

Stuffing planters in rather odd colours that do not blend with the surroundings is a waste of money and efforts. Carefully pick colours to complement the interiors of the space, creating the right balance of colours which seamlessly blend into one luxurious-looking space.

Follow current trends

There is always one colour which is particularly in vogue. Say for 2020, Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue, which is both comforting and relatable. Keeping up to date with the latest design trends will make your space stylish.

Follow 60-30-10 rule

This classic décor rule says, one colour is the dominant colour, which can be the overall colour of the space, say the ‘Grey room’ or the ‘Pink room’. The next colour is the supportive colour, which compliments the main colour. Lastly, comes the accent colour, which can be bold and used in décor elements that needs to stand out. Your planter colour can be this ‘stand out’ colour.

Decide where your planter will be placed

It is a known fact that darker colours absorb more light which in turn can damage the roots of the plants. When choosing planters for an outdoor space, the lighter the colour, better the health for the plants.

Your taste, personality and personal preference:

The colour of the planter can solely depend on your personal taste. If you are a person who never experiments beyond the monochromatic look, then all-purpose black and white planters are great for you, but if you want to add a dash of colour with the humble planter, think of red, blue or yellow.

Do you want to buy stylish looking planters?

In order to beautify spaces, planters at Credo are the right balance of aesthetics with functionality. Made of premium quality of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic), our planters are highly durable and are available in a wide range of textures, shapes and colours, thus making your everyday beautiful!