Empty hours of lock down

The situation was getting out of control.One month at home had exhausted all my culinary skills.All the Tombolas and games played in different groups on Watsapp were losing their shine.No doubt family togetherness had increased;it was great to joke and play and do the household chores in a fun way but all those creative juices which I used in teaching were crying out for fulfillment---no students meant a lot of free time and this was really getting on my nerves.

When all else failed i decided to take a different approach in using my time profitably. I Decide To Create A Different Garden.

Mine was a typical old fashioned Indian garden --- a patch of green in front of my patio, surrounded on three sides by rows of terracotta pots of flowers .I decided to change it drastically into an eternal font of Grecian  beauty--an exquisite place to sit and browse in.

Rolling my sleeves up,i immersed myself in the exacting task of transformation.I painted all the walls including that of the patio,a sparkling white.I colored all my pots sky blue and to offset this color-scheme I put bright colored fliers in all the pots.Then I decorated the patio with some beautiful and very elegant planters in white.The shapes and designs of these were awesome.I took help of some earthenware pottery to create a diversified look.The whole area I surrounded with white round stones and finished off the whole by hanging a whole row of white paper lanterns in the patio.Two white wrought iron chairs with blue cushions completed the look

 The new garden now looked wondrously soft and serene-just the place to spend your unplanned lock down in

Thank God for such lovely gifts of Nature

Thanks Credo Planters for giving such a terrific look to my garden


Credo Planters breathe life into spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Man’s quest to achieve materialism, has led him to create huge concrete jungles, which are constantly driving us away from sanity and mindfulness. 

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