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Beautify your garden with different-shaped contemporary garden planters

No matter how many artifacts and artificial items you add to your space when it comes to doing up your home’s decor, a home is incomplete without a small garden and beautiful indoor plants. The advantage of having a garden is not only limited to space beautification. Having your place surrounded by plants also helps in elevating your mood and increasing productivity. While you can start a garden with simple plants and planters, let us learn about some contemporary fiberglass planters in India that can add the oomph factor to your modern home.

Contemporary designer planters

There are different types of modern planters indoor spaces can house. These contemporary garden planters can change the look of your place within minutes. Here are a few designer plant containers that will help you get an idea of the wonders you can work with planters.

  1. Rou Compe

This circular masterpiece is available in four colors, perfect for every modern home. With its ball-like shape, this planter embodies the circle of life. Inspired by nature and the omnipresent — one without a beginning and an end — Rou Compe is ideal for small spaces. Additionally, it also symbolizes the act of unwinding from the chaos and hustle of the outside world.

If you want to give a minimalist touch to your place, this planter is ideal in white. Although, feel free to spruce up your white decor with a soothing contrast of a black, yellow, or blue planter. Try out different colors based on the color theme of your space. The Rou Compe is a great option for plants like succulents.

2. Hipe Des

The best kinds of fiberglass planters in India are those that contribute to the aesthetics of both, minimalism as well as intricate designs. Our greed for the material has made us overlook the beauty in simple and unfiltered things. This bowl-like structure of the planter represents a pure amalgamation of the earth beneath it and the sky above us. It denotes that the stars can be dreamt of and reached but there is also beauty in staying grounded.

For plants that need less maintenance and grow slowly, indoor planters like the Hipe Des planter is perfect. Such plants keep it minimal without making the setting too overwhelming. Alternatively, you can use it to plant creepers that you can elevate slightly so that they cascade through your home’s walls or a creeper rack. This artistic planter can beautify your home and office effortlessly.

3. Opa Summ

Inspired by the royalty of the past, as used in ancient times, this creation reminds us of the glory of the yesteryears while pushing us to seek novelty. This planter is a catalyst that brings us the best of both worlds.

If you have plants that may not grow too tall but need more room for the roots, the Opa Summ is just right for you. It maintains a minimalistic look exactly while providing more space for your plant to grow. Available in six colors, it is perfect for spaces that look open.

4. Cav Sli

Some places would call for plants that occupy an empty space. But some spaces just need inspiration. This planter represents your life’s larger dreams. While its towering linear perspective symbolizes your relentlessness, the shadow it casts embodies the achievable.

For plants that would need more space to grow, the Cav Sli would be a perfect home.

These are some diverse contemporary planters indoor spaces can have. To indulge in more planter varieties, visit us at Credo — the best place to buy indoor planters.

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