About Credo

The Credo Concept

Nature is one masterpiece in itself. God’s own masterpiece. Credo works to bring back nature into our lives, through intelligent designs and awe-inspiring tales. With the clever use of fiber glass, Credo Planters breathe life into spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Man’s quest to achieve materialism, has led him to create huge concrete jungles, which are constantly driving us away from sanity and mindfulness. Thus, Credo Planters gives shape to your vision with a beautiful surrounding.

With the use of fiber glass and principles of color and design, Credo renders a vision of beauty by defining your space with incredibly designed planters. Each of the Credo planter tells a visual tale of an essence of creative functionality. Planters which have gorgeous aesthetics and an equally gorgeous aim- to bring visual harmony into our rather hollow lives and make our everyday beautiful.

Do you remember exactly, which planter you saw recently? Now with Credo, you will.


With Credo, it’s always a sight to behold and a moment to pause and cherish life, because the future is green or nothing at all. We are all about planters that will make your surroundings and life- beautiful.

Did you know, the Earth laughs & sings through nature, its time to experience it with us.


“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” -Ralph Waldo Emersion

Credo’s parent company ‘Kinny Fiber glass’, has been into manufacturing of fiber glass designer planters for almost 35 years. To say we have a strong grip of the material will be an understatement. We breathe and live in creativity when it comes to fiber glass. Strong, sturdy and weather proof, planters at Credo are made out of a premium quality of fiberglass, blending in functionality and aesthetics perfectly.


Mission and Vision

There is no force stronger and as beautiful as mother nature. Credo is an attempt to bring nature stories- bright, vivid and green, closer to each one of us. Each of our product at Credo is an ode to the calmness and mindfulness a green surrounding brings in. The clever craftsmanship and edgy designs of our planters produce such masterpieces which are remembered for their elegant style and loved for their adaptability to the surrounding they set in.

We have a dream. A planter in every house, every office and every space that needs a fresh breath of life. With a goal to be number one in manufacturing of designer fiberglass planters across India, we don’t only want to be your preferred rather be your favorite. Growing on the pillars of exquisite craftsmanship, superior raw material, path-breaking designs and above all customer satisfaction, with our products we hope to lead you into an aura of natural happiness.

Features that stand out

The one with gorgeous looks

Credo planters have one purpose: to make your surrounding extremely good-looking and with our aesthetically beautiful designs, give a shape to your vision. We are all about achieving the right balance with visual harmony, that will soothe the eyes and ignite the heart alike.


Not a bulky tale

Credo planters are wonderfully light weight and easy to move around. Made of material that is known for its feather-touch, our planters will not be a woeful burden.

The magic of variations

We manufacture are planters in a variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes that can go with any space and dramatically fit in your design theme. We don’t believe in one-size fits all, rather we explore the endless possibilities to do a creative experiment.

Design and Craftsmanship

Each of the Credo planter has a story to tell. Designed with unique concepts and a heritage of craftsmanship which is decades long, our team works on the right balance of aesthetics, precision and quality, devising distinct design to blend creativity with functionality.

All season blockbuster

Our planters work just fine in any type of weather conditions. They have least effect of sunlight, are water-resistant, frost-free and rust-free too. They are durable and blessed with a long life.

Living Spaces

If you dramatically want to upgrade the look of any space, simply add a Credo planter to it. Our planters are both indoors and outdoors. Whether it your home, your terrace garden, your office or commercial places like hotel & resorts, Credo planters will turn any space into a well-designed one, introducing a green landscape into our lives

Team Story

Karn Sheth – CEO

Mr. Karn Sheth has been leading Credo since its inception, always serving as its core visionary and strategist. Mr. Sheth has been actively involved in every stage of the product crafting and he also plays pivotal roles in the sales and marketing arenas. His tryst with management has been long and prosperous since his days as a Project Coordinator working at Kotak Life, supervised by McKinsey and Co. Mr. Sheth brings along his rich experience, his modern outlook and a dynamic work culture to the world of Credo.

Mrs. Kanak Chowhan – Lead Designer

Mrs. Kanak Chowhan has been instrumental behind the wonderful designs of Credo that enriches lives and awes onlookers. Mrs. Chowhan has built her expertise in the entire spectrum of product design right from user research to product definition to prototyping. She has always had a keen eye for designs that will set and change trends. Mrs. Chowhan brings a world of experience with her that also includes tenures at Year Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara and Claycraft Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur.

Credo Planters breathe life into spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Man’s quest to achieve materialism, has led him to create huge concrete jungles, which are constantly driving us away from sanity and mindfulness. 

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